平和公園の歩き方 Gait of Peace Park in hiroshima

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Guidance of how to walk along the peace park in Hiroshima. Please see not only the A-bomb memorial dome but a peace park. All seeing the cenotaph of a peace park requires time very much. I show the part I would like you to see especially by Naka of a peace park. Please see walking along a park by smart phone.

平和公園・原爆ドームまでのルート Transportation route

1.広島駅から From Hiroshima Station


From Hiroshima Station South Exit, please ride the train in the city. Destination number will ride the train of 2 or 6. You will arrive in 15 minutes Atomic Bomb Dome.

2.広島空港から From Hiroshima Air Port


From Hiroshima Airport, is 1 hour by bus to go to “Hiroshima Bus Center”. Please get off at the end. You can walk to the Atomic Bomb Dome through the underpass from Hiroshima Bus Center.

3.広島港から From Hiroshima Port


From Hiroshima Port, is about 35 minutes by city train. Riding on the destination number 3 train, please get off at the Atomic Bomb Dome before you.

4.車の場合 In the case of car


Take advantage of such national highway from Itsukaichi IC. or Hiroshima IC., the highway. There is such as public parking in the vicinity of the Peace Park parking lot.


平和公園を歩くおすすめのルート Itinerary

1.はや周りコース(所要時間約30分 about 30 minutes)

1原爆ドーム Atomic Bomb Dome → 7爆心地hypocenter → 2原爆の子の像Children’s Peace Monument → 3慰霊碑Cenotaph → (4資料館Peace Memorial Museum[所要時間1時間 about 1 hour])


1原爆ドーム → 7爆心地 → 2原爆の子の像 → 3慰霊碑 → 9峠三吉詩碑 → 5被爆したあおぎり → 6広島市高等女学校慰霊碑 → (4資料館[所要時間1時間])


1原爆ドーム → 7爆心地 →12ヒロシマの碑→ 2原爆の子の像  → 8韓国人慰霊碑 → 11飛ばされた墓石 → 3慰霊碑 → 9峠三吉詩碑 → 10全損保の碑 → 5被爆したあおぎり → 6広島市高等女学校慰霊碑  → (4資料館[所要時間1時間])


The time required, and does not include the one-hour museum. The journey takes aim. If you just see walking, it is little more time. When it while reading the description, it will take longer.

平和公園を歩くポイント The point where you walk


Museum is opened from 8:30 in the morning. You can watch 24 hours a day at the exhibition of outdoor museum other than. I recommend the tour of the early morning. Because you can be in then go out to explore the place of another.

→ 平和公園を歩いた後に[平和公園周辺のお好み焼き屋さん](Okonomiyaki shop is located near the Peace Park.)